“Mangoseed”, invaded New York

British multi-cultural faction, “Mangoseed”, invaded New York with their reggae flavored funk, and unique sonic fantasy. Cell phones quickly emerged from the audience, videos, pictures, and fascination proved high.

I’ve interviewed this band and their craziness several times after hearing their super hit, “Lucy”, but never saw them in action until now, and they rocked the house! Traveling from London for a weekend of music, the band collected fans by the dozen, and caused an instant buzz throughout the streets of New York City. Vocalist Trinidadian/Brit Nikolai Le Barry, standing 6’2” tall sang with a mysterious, and compelling emotional, frenzy, sucking the crowd in instantaneously. Quiet and polite, he tricks the fans with his craziness, but in reality he is totally laid back and down to earth. Karlos Coleman, superior guitarist, sporting dreads as big as him, entertained the congregation with hooks and leads destined to go down in musical history. Drummer Sam Campbell, originally from Ireland, but now based in Berlin, was probably one of the best I’ve yet to hear. With his persona and bright green eyes, this is one drummer who demands a spotlight. Then there is British, Australian, Trinidadian, bassist Richard Hardy, (Aka Dick Hardy), self-proclaimed Vegan, master of parkour, Rubik cube genius, garbed in dress, with wolf fur and mask, jumping about the stage, clutching his bass, while playing severe riffs. Even if their music isn’t exactly what you’re seeking, the shock value of the band is worth the experience.

With original songs like, “I Kill My Friends”, and a superb rendition of Max Romeo’s “Chase The Devil”, the band more than delivers. If you’re reading this now you still have time to catch them for a final performance at The Duplex this evening, (61 Christopher Street, NYC at 9pm). After the show they posed with fans, and gave out a free CD to remember them by. Watch for “Mangoseed”, you will be hearing from them, a lot!